Furniture made of car parts – stylish creations by designer Ronen Tinman

furniture from car parts blue washstand volvo

Stylish designer furniture from car parts by Ronen Tinman

Old cars seldom get well-deserved respect, but recycling artist Ronen Wasserman or Tinman, as he likes to call himself, is about to change that. This is shown by his unique furniture made of car parts. We have put together some of them for you. Through his creative work, Ronen has saved the car parts from the landfill on the one hand and, on the other hand, has awakened the cars themselves in a unique way to a new life.

The sustainable pieces of furniture are not only chic and functional, they are simply a valuable piece of art.

Tinman discovers the beauty even in such auto parts that normally go unnoticed like - bumper, tailgate, hood or fenders. Even the markings and the headlights are sometimes used. All furniture made of car parts is not only original and unique, they are also environmentally friendly.

A rim serves as a stable base for the side table

furniture from car parts cool side table

The designer finds the car parts for his artworks mainly on scrap yards and he claims that he knows exactly how he can use the particular part at first glance. The process from finding to the final result then takes a few months. With his background in mechanical engineering, Ronen Tinman has an even better understanding of the car parts and thus of the transformation of their function.

So instead of using new raw materials, the designer thinks sustainably and secures your new life as a wonderful boutique furniture to the rusted car parts.

The hood is barely visible

furniture made of car parts elegant white dresser

The tailgate became an original wardrobe

furniture from car parts elegant cabinet in white

The marking reminds of the unconventional origin

furniture made of car parts curved side table

Guess what car part that should be

furniture from car parts small shelf

Luxury couch from the leather seats

Furniture made of car parts comfortable sofa

Part of the body becomes an elegant dresser

furniture from car parts lancia dresser

A shiny fender from the VW Beetle for real fans

furniture from car parts pink collection shelf

Elegant chest of drawers in red

furniture from car parts red dresser

Do you recognize the individual parts of the BMW?

furniture from car parts chic cabinet

Floor lamp like no other

furniture made of auto parts floor lamp made of tires

Did you enjoy our original, sustainable collection? Would these pieces of furniture made of car parts also be something for you?

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